Notice of AQSIQ on the Release of Work Plan on “Lijian” Action for Quality Inspection in 2018 (framework)

No.: [2018] 78

Date Issued: March 21, 2018

Work Plan of “Lijian” Action for Quality Inspection in 2018 (framework)  

I. General Requirements

Guided by the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on quality and focusing on the main targets of protecting the product quality and safety as well as consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, regulating the market and economic order and promoting the quality improvement, efforts are to be made to strengthen all-round quality supervision, focus on key products, industries and regions, strengthen the crackdown, promotion and co-governance of illegal quality-related acts, handled a batch of key and major anti-counterfeiting cases, supervise a batch of key cases with serious and grave nature, release a batch of typical cases about quality-related law violation and study and crack a batch of “hidden rules” about quality-related law violation. The number of anti-fake cases cracked in the “Lijian Action” for Quality Inspection is on the increase as compared to the same period of the previous year so that both the total case number and case quality can score a rise, which plays a bigger role in protecting the quality and safety and promoting the quality improvement.

II. Main Tasks

1. Deepen the “Lijian” Action for quality inspection and anti-counterfeiting of consumer goods with focus on Children products and home appliance;

2. Carry out the “Lijian” Action for quality inspection and anti-counterfeiting of agricultural material with focus on fertilizers, agricultural equipment and spare parts in depth;

3. Implement the “Lijian” Action for quality inspection and anti-counterfeiting of building products with focus on steel products, electric wire and cable in depth;

4. Promote the “Lijian” Action for quality inspection and anti-counterfeiting of auto spare parts, gasoline and diesel with focus on filter cleaner, internal decoration, gasoline and diesel;

5. Launch the concentrated rectification action in the fields of consumers goods, production material especially e-commerce products.

III. Work Measures

1. Improve efforts on clue collection about illegal quality;

2. Strengthen the law enforcement and investigation;

3. Reinforce regional rectification and supervision;

4. Intensify the standardized development of law enforcement;

5. Actively explore the follow-up technical service pattern of law enforcement and anti-counterfeiting for quality promotion.

IV. Work Requirements

1. Strengthen Organization and Leadership;

2. Strengthen Supervision and Examination;

3. Strengthen Publicity and Promotion;

4. Strengthen Information Report and Delivery.

(Source: AQSIQ Website)