Opinions of the State Council on Improving the Establishment of Quality Certification System and Promoting the Overall Quality Management

No. [2018] 3

The People’s Governments of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and government agencies under the State Council and their directly subordinate agencies:

The quality certification is a fundamental system to enhance quality management and improve market efficiency under the condition of market economy. In recent years, China’s quality certification system has been continuously improved, with industrial organizations under prosperous development and international cooperation constantly deepening. Meanwhile, the problems of certification service under-supply, the certification evaluation events yet to be regulated and low social recognition and application exist as well. In order to deepen the supply-side structural reform, implement the strategy of building a quality powerful country and carry out the Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Launching the Quality Improvement Actions, now it is proposed as follows concerning the establishment of quality certification system and overall quality management.

I. General Requirements

i. Guiding Thinking

ii. Basic Principles

iii. Main Targets

With three to five years of efforts, China’s quality certification system will be well-defined, with the legal and regulatory systems, standard system, organization system, supervision system, public service system and international cooperation and multi-recognition system putting in place and the quality management capabilities of various enterprises, in particular MSMEs being significantly enhanced. The quality of major products, projects and service, especially consumer goods, food and agricultural products has been improved substantially and a batch of internationally competitive quality brands has been created.

II. Vigorously promote the advanced standards and measures of quality management

III. Widely launch the upgrading actions of quality management system

IV. Deepen the reform and innovation of quality certification system

V. Strengthen in-process and afterwards regulation of certification activities

VI. Nurture and develop the certification service sector for inspection and testing

VII. Deepen the international cooperation and mutual recognition on quality certification

VIII. Strengthen leadership and policy guarantee

(Source: gov.cn)