CFDA and MPS jointly released the notice to put in place the punishment on illegal food and drug acts of individuals

Recently, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and Ministry of Public Security jointly released the Regulations on Improving the Law Enforcement for Food and Drug Safety and Executing the Punishment on Individuals over Illegal Food and Drug Acts, to require that the food and drug authorities and the police at various levels implement the “four strictest” requirements of central government about food and drug safety, fully recognize the significance of law enforcement improvement and punishment of individuals and further enhance the punishment over illegal acts so as to ensure the public safety of food and drug.

I. Strictly fulfill the legal responsibilities of natural person

II. Trace criminal accountability seriously

III. Execute the administrative and detention punishment

IV. Strictly implement the competitive restriction

V. Strengthen full information disclosure

VI. Increase efforts on supervision and guidance

(Source: CFDA Website)