Guiding Opinions of SFDA on Further Strengthening Food and Drug Standards

No.: SFDA 〔2018〕6

Date Issued: January 17, 2018

The food and drug administrations at the all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and that of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,

In order to implement the Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Carrying out Quality-Improving Action (No.SC 〔2017〕24)and the Law of P.R.C. on Standardizations, promote the standard – related work provided in the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Review and Approval System and Encouraging the Innovation of Medicine and Medical Equipment of the General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, accelerate the establishment of “most rigorous standards”, build up an advanced, comprehensive, verifiable and executable food and drug standard system and upgrade the food and drug regulation, it is hereby proposed as follows:

I. General Requirements

i. Guiding thought

ii. Basic principles

iii. Main targets

By 2020, a complete, well-structured and technology-advanced standard system adapted to the needs of food and drug safety supervision will have been basically established, with significantly enhanced scientificity, effectiveness and applicability of standards. The standard management system will have been more improved and a sound layout will be formed where the food and drug safety of the public,regulation and law enforcement, market regulation and innovation-driven development will all be bound by standards.

II. Accelerate the promotion of standard level

iv. Improve the practicality of food standards and ensure the public food safety

v. Accelerate the upgrading of food standards and ensure the effective food safety

vi. Improve the capabilities of medical equipment in standard-related technical innovation and guide the development of high-tech products

vii. Improve the standard system of cosmetics and enhance the quality and safety of products

III. Improve the standard management system

viii. Strengthen the unified management of standards

ix. Strengthen basic research on standards

x. Strengthen talent team building on standards

xi. Strengthen international communication and exchanges

xii. Strengthen standard implementation

IV. Improve the standard guarantee measures

xiii. Strengthen organization and leadership

xiv. Ensure funding

xv. Improve the incentive system  

(Source: State Food and Drug Administration Website)