CFDA released Measures for Supervision and Administration of Food Safety in Online Catering Services

In order to enhance the supervision and administration of food safety in online catering services, regulate business operations in this sector, ensure food safety and guarantee public health, the work conference of CFDA reviewed and approved the Measures for Supervision and Administration of Food Safety in Online Catering Services (hereinafter referred to as “the Measures”)on September 5, 2017. The Measures was signed by CFDA Head and released as the 36th Order on November 6, which will take into force on January 1, 2018. The Measures consist of 46 provisions, with the main part listing as follows: 

First, the principle of “online–offline unanimity” is identified. The Measures stipulate that the food quality sold online should be the same with that sold in the physical stores. 

Second, the obligations of platforms and catering service providers are identified. The Measures state that the third-party platforms targeted for online catering services are obligated to 

-establish relevant system about food safety, 

-set up a special food safety administration organ, 

-equip themselves with full-time administrators to ensure food safety, 

-review, register and publicize the license information of online catering services providers, 

-record faithfully the information of online food ordering, and 

-randomly inspect and supervise the operating behaviors of catering services providers. 

Catering services providers are obligated to publicize the information, formulate and implement rules for the raw material control, tighten the control over food processing and maintain the facilities and equipment on a regular basis. 

Third, the requirements about food delivery person(s)and the delivery procedure are made. 

Fourth, the supervision of food safety for online catering services is clarified. 

Fifth, the Measures should be in conform with local laws, regulations and other rules.

(Source:CFDA Website)