Guiding Opinions on Carrying out Standardization on Important Products Sourcing

In order to implement the Opinions of the General Office of State Council on Promoting the Building of Important Products Sourcing System (No. 95[2015]) and fulfill the work tasks identified in the National Work Plan of Key Product Sourcing Standardization, AQSIQ, MOFCOM, CAC, NDRC, MIIT, MPS, Ministry of Agriculture, National Health and Family Planning Commission, State Administration of Work Safety and CFDA jointly formulated the Guiding Opinions on Carrying out Standardization on Important Products Sourcing

I. Fully recognize the importance of standardization work about important products sourcing. 

II. Guiding thought, basic principles and main objectives 

III. Main Tasks 

i. Carry out fundamental study on standardization of key product sourcing 

ii. Coordinate and plan the standard system of key product sourcing 

iii. R&D on basic and common standards of key product sourcing 

iv. Explore the pilot demonstration of key product sourcing standardization 

v. Work well on promotion and application of standards regarding key product sourcing. 

vi. Work on information feedback and assessment about implementation of key product sourcing standardization 

IV. Important products 

i. Edible agricultural products 

ii. Food 

iii. Drug 

iv. Means of agricultural production 

v. Special equipment 

vi. Hazardous goods 

vii. Rare earth products 

V. Strengthen protection measures 

i. Consolidate organization and leadership. 

ii. Improve work mechanism 

iii. Build talent teams 

iv. Promote internationalization 

v. Enhance publicity and guidance 

Printed and circulated by the General Office of AQSIQ on October 9, 2017