Notification of General Office of SAIC on Plan of “Suyuan” Campaign against Trademark Infringement

Plan of Launching “Suyuan” Campaign against Trademark Infringement

In order to deepen the implementation of important guidance and concept conveyed by General Secretary Xi Jinping about IPR work at the 16thMeeting of Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs and the Opinions of State Council on Enhancing Crackdown against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting under New Situation, fulfill the gistof the National Workshop on Industry, Commerce and Market Supervision and strengthen the combat against trademark infringement, SAIC decided to launch the “Suyuan (Traceability)” campaign against trademark infringement in the industry and commerce sector from September, 2017 to February, 2018. The action plan concerning this campaign includes as follows:

I. General Objective

It is required to give active response to the new situation of campaign against trademark infringement in the current market in a problem-oriented fashion, strengthen communication and coordination within and outside the system, information sharing and law enforcement coordination. With a focus on well-known trademarks,geographical indications, foreign-related trademarks and trademarks of time-honored brands, more effective efforts will be made to conduct cooperation between right holders, industrial associations and e-commerce platforms, intensify source traceability of trademark infringement cases and carry out the whole-chain crackdown in links of production and sales of trademark-infringing goods and manufacturing of registered trademark logos. Priority will be given to the solution of key issues in terms of exclusive trademark rights. The regional and industrial risks about trademark infringement can be effectively prevented and curbed and the work efficiency of trademark administrative law enforcement can be improved so as to create favorable market environment for fair competition and reliable consumption environment.

II. Work Schedule and Specific Tasks

i. Mobilization and Arrangements (September)

ii. Organization for Implementation (October and December)

iii. Campaign Summary (January- February, 2018)

III. Work Requirements

i. Pay high attention and organize meticulously;

ii. Identify the priorities and specify the clues.;

iii. Take tough measures and follow up for supervision; and

iv. Enhance publicity and create favorable environment.

(Source: SAIC Website)

Plan of Launching “Suyuan” Campaign against Trademark Infringement