Guiding Opinions of CPC Central Committee and State Council on Launching Quality-Improving Action

Guiding Opinions of CPC Central Committee and State Council
on Launching Quality-Improving Action
(September 5, 2017)

Given that the traditional advantages of our economic development are diminishing and the structural supply-demand imbalance in real economy arises, in particular the supply of medium- and high–end products and services are insufficient. It is in urgent need to spare no efforts in improving quality in an all-around way and promoting domestic economic development into the era of quality. Hereby, the following opinions are proposed for conducting quality improvement action.

I. General Requirements
1. Guiding Concepts
2. Basic Principles
3. Main Objectives
By 2020, the supply quality will be improved significantly with a more efficient supply system. Noticeable progress will be made in building a powerful quality country with the general level of quality being substantially enhanced. Quality will contribute more to raising the total factor productivity and promoting the economic development, and better satisfy the increasingly upgraded consumption demand of the public.

II. Improve products, projects and service quality
4. Increase the high-quality supply of agricultural products, food and drugs
5. Promote the quality upgrading of consumer goods
6. Improve the competitiveness of equipment manufacturing
7. Improve the supply levels of raw material
8. Improve the quality of construction projects
9. Further improve quality and efficiency in the service sector
10. Improve the social governance and public service
11. Accelerate the optimization and upgrading of external trade

III. Brea k the bottleneck of quality improvement
12. Implement quality control projects
13. Accelerate the standard upgrading
14. Vitalize innovation of quality
15. Promote the overall quality management
16. Strengthen the comprehensive quality supervision
17. Ma ke more efforts to create Chinese brands
18. Press ahead with public co-governance on quality

IV. Bolster national quality-related infrastructure
19. Accelerate the building of national quality infrastructure system
20. Deepen the converged development of national quality infrastructure
21. Enhance the public technical service
22. Improve the technical trade measure system

V. Reform and enhance quality development policies and systems
23. Strengthen the quality system building
24. Offer more fiscal and financial support
25. Improve the quality-related talent education and cultivation system
26. Improve quality incentive system

VI. Strengthen organizational leadership
27. Implement the quality-empowered strategy
28. Strengthen the leadership of CPC on quality work
29. Tighten the inspection, supervision and examination
30. Boost publicity and mobilization

(Source: Xinhua)