Railway police of Jinan and Zhengzhou jointly cracked a case involving 320,000 fake facial masks

It was learned on March 3rd that railway police of Zhengzhou and Jinan cracked a large case of producing and selling fake and shoddy facial masks, with 18 suspects manufacturing and selling counterfeit and inferior products seized and 1 chased online on February 25th. In this case, over 320,000 fake Piao’an medical facial masks were seized. 4 hideouts for producing fake products and 10 hideouts for selling fake medical protective products were destroyed.

On February 5th, the railway police of Zhengzhou received a tipoff from the public that a number of fake and substandard Piao’an medical disposable facial masks were found during luggage check-in.

Railway police of Zhengzhou then promptly took measures to crack down on epidemic-related crimes and seized 300,000 medical disposable facial masks labeled Piao’an brand. It was evidenced that those facial masks were counterfeit products. Railway police of Zhengzhou detained those facial masks in accordance with the law.

It was investigated that Sheng, an employee in Henan purchased those facial masks from Zhang in Shandong via Wechat Moments. After receiving the facial masks, Sheng found them substandard and returned them to Zhang after negotiation.

On February 11th, the railway police of Jinan arrested Zhang in Shandong according to the clues provided by railway police of Zhengzhou. It was investigated that Zhang bought the facial masks from Lu at the price of 0.3 yuan each and sold them at the price of 0.8 each. Railway police of Jinan took prompt actions and arrested Lu on February 14th. From February 18th to 22nd, a total of 14 suspects were caught for selling fake and shoddy facial masks.

According to the suspects implicated in the case, those fake facial masks were bought from Henan. As of February 24th, all the 18 suspects implicated in the case were caught.

(Source: dahe.cn)