The publicity and exhibition events held concerning the joint “Kunlun Action”

On December 3, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) organized the publicity events in 141 cities in sync themed on “the police and the public join hands together in the co-construction, co-governance and sharing”, to exhibit the results of “Kunlun Action” for the rectification over problems with food safety. Liu Yuejin, Member of Party Committee and Anti-terrorist Commissioner of MPS attended the main event in Beijing and delivered remarks. 

Since the launch of the special action, Beijing Public Security Bureau has uncovered 479 criminal cases in the fields of food, drugs and environment, arrested 914 suspects and destroyed 265 illegal workshops and dens, which effectively protected the public interests. Over 94,000 bottles of fake liquor in 52 varieties and the counterfeiting equipment were confiscated and destroyed in Changping District, Beijing. 

Concentrate and pollution-free destruction of fake goods 

As of the end of November, the public security authorities nationwide have cracked 27,800 criminal cases related to food, drug, environmental and IPR, valued 28.3 billion yuan in total. Over 11,300 illegal factories, workshops and dens, 5200 criminal gangs and 132 mafia-like gangs were destroyed. 48,000 criminal suspects were caught. 

The publicity and exhibition events this time intensively showcase the results of combat launched by the public security system nationwide. The events were held in 141 cities in sync in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp. 

The public security authorities of different regions exhibited some confiscated goods to the public, including counterfeit or substandard food, drugs, agricultural material, IP-infringing goods,as well as involved equipment and tools, and then destroyed them in a green way. The case police, enterprise representatives and professionals were organized to give the on-site inquiry, carry out the legal publicity events and promote the common knowledge and practical methods concerning safety of food, drug and environment as well as fake identification, so as to guide the general public in preventing related crimes and pool the synergy of social communities on crackdown to the maximum extent.

(Source: the Food and Drug Investigation Bureau of MPS)