Head of Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau attended the first law enforcement forum in Yangtze River Delta

On November 27, the 1st Forum of Yangtze River Delta on Law Enforcement and Case Handling for Market Regulation was held in Qingpu District, Shanghai. Yang Hongcan, Head of Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau under State Administration for Market Regulation attended the forum and delivered remarks. 

Yang said in his speech that the market regulators of Yangtze River Delta centered around the target of “jointly building a world-class city groups driven by innovation” and took the path of innovation, optimization and coordination to enhance cooperation, create synergy and pool wisdom, so that a batch of new solid, high-quality, influential and effective measures are to be taken on law enforcement coordination, thus exploring and innovating the coordination patterns, promoting experience and offering models for the system of market regulation nationwide. 

Over 300 officials of market regulation from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui attended the meeting. 

(Source: SAMR Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau)