Shanghai worked with Alibaba to crack two cases of counterfeiting, valued over 50 million yuan in total

This year, assisted by the Alibaba’s anti-fake team, Pudong Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau successively busted the national first case of Dyson’s counterfeiting, the first case in Shanghai about full-chain counterfeiting of “Dazzle”products, valued at over 50 million yuan.

On April 17, assisted by the anti-fake team of Alibaba and supported by other local police, the police of Shanghai took the netting action in sync at 12 local areas in 5 provinces. 37 suspects were caught, 10 hideouts were destroyed, 3 underground counterfeiting plants were sealed up and 38,000 items of counterfeit “Dazzle”clothes were seized, with the case value involved 15 million yuan.

In recent years, China attaches increasing importance to IPR protection. Shanghai police also pooled more staff and resources into these cases in a bid to gradually improve the requirement for all-chain crackdown on counterfeiting and fight the uphill battle with counterfeiters.

It was learned that in 2017 and 2018, Alibaba fed a total of 3,544 pieces of clue about counterfeiting to Chinese law enforcement organs, and assisted the capture of 3,559 case-related suspects and destruction of 2,870 hideouts of counterfeiting, involving a total of 12.2 billion yuan.

On May 10, the economic investigation team of Pudong Branch under Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau sent a letter of thanks to Alibaba Group, saying Alibaba is not only an Internet enterprise with the most efficient and hard-working anti-fake efforts, but also the most down-to-earth, sincere and professional anti-fake partner of public security authorities, thus offering strong technical assistance for the police, improving the quality and efficiency of counterfeiting and making the crackdown work more precise and extensive.