Deputy Head of Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of SAMR led a delegation to Inner Mongolia for an survey and study of the reform of comprehensive law enforcement

From July 9 to 11, Wang Shengli, Deputy Head of Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau under State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) led a delegation to Inner Mongolia for study and survey in the company of the local inspectors and other competent officials of the autonomous region.

In Mengniu Dairy Group, the survey team had a workshop concerning the “Recommendation on Terminating the Chaos of ‘Copycat Food’ and Protection the Food Safety” proposed by the deputies of the 13th National People’s Congress. The local market regulation officials of Inner Mongolia briefed the reforms of market regulation authorities and comprehensive law enforcement across the autonomous region, the organizational structure and personnel allocation of trademark and patent law enforcement departments, existing problems and suggestions on reform of comprehensive law enforcement for market regulation and IP law enforcement.

Wang Shengli affirmed the work by Inner Mongolia Administration for Market Regulation on comprehensive law enforcement reform. At the Baotou Administration for Market Regulation, the survey team heard the debriefing of Baotou market regulation authority about its organizational structure, IP protection and comprehensive law enforcement reform. The puzzles faced in the administrative law enforcement at the primary level were also discussed. Wang learned more about the market regulation in Baotou, including the law enforcement reform, IP law enforcement function and personnel allocation.

Wang also said that he would forward the suggestions on comprehensive law enforcement reform proposed by Baotou City to SAMR and hope that the local region can explore the practical solutions of problems arising from the reform and continuously improve the mechanism of comprehensive law enforcement.

Gereltu, the inspector of Inner Mongolia responded that the stance held by SAMR to the suggestions of NPC deputies was worth learning. “We will fulfill our functions and responsibilities to properly handle the problems arising from comprehensive law enforcement reform and rapidly adapt to new situation,” said the inspector.

(Source:Administration for Market Regulation of Inner Mongolia)