MPS: to enhance professional strength and tightly crack down on crimes harming food safety

On June 27, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held a press conference in Beijing to notify the work by the national public security authorities on combatting the crimes harming food safety this year. Guo Lin, Spokesperson of MPS presided over the press conference. Lv Wuqin, Head of Food and Drug Criminal Investigation Bureau of MPS, Li Jiantao, Inspector and Deputy Head of the Bureau and Zhou Wei, Head of Anti-counterfeiting Team of Chongqing Public Security Bureau attended the press conference and answered the questions from media.

As Lv Wuqin notified at the press conference, since this year, regarding the new situation and new characteristics of crimes related to food safety and according to the unified arrangement by the MPS, the local public security organs have centered around the targets concerning the “illegal product source, hideout, network, chains and circulation” to uncover the cases of various levels in a timely manner by making good use of the big data-based investigation mechanism, linking the study and judgement, expanding the operation, unravelling the criminal chain in-depth, destroying the criminal network and supervising major cases at a higher level, like the supervision by MPS over the cases across the provinces, municipalities and regions based on key clues to those cases. Meanwhile, they have been working with relevant departments to carry out joint inspection and crackdown actions in a bid to ensure orderly collaboration, promote the supervision from the source and uproot the soil of crimes.

From January to May, over 4,500 criminal cases about food safety have been uncovered, where over 8,500 criminal suspects were caught and over 3,800 illegal workshops, factories and hideouts were destroyed, which has a deterrent effect on such crimes and maintains the development and continuing improvement of food safety.

(Source: MPS website)