The national work meeting of market regulation system on law enforcement inspection held in Nanchang, Jiangxi

In order to carry out the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on market regulation and deepen the implementation of gist in the Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement, the national work meeting of market regulation system on law enforcement inspection was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on April 18. This is the first work meeting of the whole system after the reorganization of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR). Sun Jusheng, Vice Governor of Jiangxi attended the meeting and delivered remarks. Ganlin, Deputy Head of SAMR also attended and addressed the meeting.

It is stressed at the meeting that the focus should be given to central tasks to fully enhance the work of law enforcement and case handling. The law enforcement in the area of quality improvement is to be strengthened to safeguard the bottom line of quality and safety. The law enforcement related to the protection of consumers’ rights and interests is enhanced to create reliable environment of consumption. The IPR law enforcement is to be reinforced to continuously optimize the business environment. The law enforcement over food safety is to be consolidated to protect the health and safety of people’s lives. The assistance is to be given to law enforcement in relevant fields to maintain the stability of overall social situation.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the coordination should be strengthened to leverage the role of work mechanism for crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting. The special rectification actions should be launched in working with other departments in the key areas of Internet, rural and urban fringe markets and foreign trade. The cross-regional and cross-department joint law enforcement is deepened to advance information sharing, in particular to disclose a batch of cases, set up models and create good environment, taking into account important events like the World Intellectual Property Day on April 26.

Over 150 representatives from SAMR and the local law enforcement inspection systems of 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, city specifically designated in the state plan, vice-provincial cities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp participated the meeting. Officials from six provinces and cities give a speech respectively. The participants listened to the instructive lecture about the Tentative Regulation on Administrative Procedure of Market Regulation.

(Source: SAMR)