CCA investigated 155 rural traditional markets and discovered 9 major challenges including counterfeiting

On October 31, China Consumers Association (CCA) released the Investigation Report on Rural Traditional Markets in Beijing. According to the Report, due to the weakness of rural traditional markets in quality control, sanitation and safety and internal management, several major problems arise frequently, including counterfeiting, products without producer’s name, address and business license on their labels (also known as three-non products), expired food, goods short in weight and false publicity of health good, etc. In total, nine typical problems were discovered. The rural consumers also showed low satisfaction with the rural traditional markets.

On October 31, CCA held the press conference in Beijing to notify the investigation over rural traditional markets.

In order to improve the quality and service of products in the “rural traditional market”, defend the legitimate rights and interests of rural consumers, CCA organized the volunteers and professional staff to conduct field investigation at the rural traditional markets from May to September, 2018, covering 155 markets in 81 prefectures and cities (areas) across 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government). The Investigation Report on Rural Traditional Market was officially issued on October 31.

(Source: China Consumers News)