SAMR Head and other senior officials visited the Patent Examination Cooperation Center of CNIPA in Beijing

To improve the patent examination quality and efficiency and support the high-quality economic development

On October 12, Zhang Mao, Head of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) visited the Patent Examination Cooperation Center of National Intellectual Property Administration of China (CNIPA) in Beijing (hereinafter referred to “Beijing Center”) and held a workshop. Shen Changyu, Head of CNIPA and other senior officials accompanied Zhang’s visit.

Zhang Mao visited the showroom, honor room and examiners’ office at Beijing Center and talked with the examiners on site. Then he listened to the report by Zhang Maoyu, Deputy Head of CNIPA about the patent examination work, the report by the official in charge of Beijing Center about their work. The work about patent examination procedure, quality assurance system, examination team building, examination IT application and the implementation of “decentralization-control-service” policy were asked in detail by Zhang.

(Source: SAMR)