The National Work Meeting on Market Regulation held in Beijing

Zhang Mao stressed obligation positioning and reform awareness

On July 5, the National Work Meeting on Market Regulation was held in Beijing

The State Administration for Market Regulation(SAMR)held the work meeting for the first time since its founding. The National Work Meeting on Market Regulation was held on July 5 in Beijing. Zhang Mao, Head of SAMR made a work report and Bi Jingquan, Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Head of SAMR presided over the meeting. Zhang stressed that guided by the Xi Jinping’s socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in a new era and to grasp the positioning and direction of market regulation in a new era, the work should put in place six “priorities” to continuously deepen the reforms to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services, create an internationally competitive business environment and make new contributions to satisfying the need of people for a better life and promoting the high-quality economic development.

Zhang Mao stressed the five key tasks in the second half of this year:

First, reduce the time of starting a business to 8.5 working days;

Second, substantially reduce the production licenses for industrial products and complete the reform task of canceling 14 types and delegating 4 types to the lower units;

Third, work on well the reform about “separating certificates from business license” to ensure its spread across the nation;

Fourth, introduce across the board an oversight model drawing on random inspections by randomly selected law enforcement officers or inspectors and requiring the prompt release of results about daily inspection for market regulation, with the proportion of random inspection no less than 5%;

Fifth, strengthen the supervision over food and drug safety, safety of special equipment and quality and safety of industrial products to ensure that no major safety accidents will take place and the safety-related incidents will decrease year on year.

(Source: SAMR Website)