SIPO Deputy Head visited Shanghai Trademark Examination Coordination Center for study

Recently, the SIPO delegation led by Liu Junchen, Secretary of the Party Group and Deputy Head of SIPO visited Shanghai Trademark Examination Coordination Center for study.

Liu stressed that the trademark examination coordination centers nationwide should improve their sense of responsibility and the examination capacity building to ensure that the annual examination tasks can be completed. Liu said that as the trademark applications increase quickly, the trademark examination work face is under unprecedentedly mounting pressure. In 2017, the trademark applications reached 5.748 million yuan, up by 55.7% from that in 2016. From January to April, 2018, such applications stood at 2.1402 million, up by 70.89% year on year. The target of shortening the examination pendency to six months is stressful and involves heavy tasks. To set up a trademark examination coordination centers outside Beijing is an effective measure to tackle new situation and new challenges, mitigate the examination pressure and shorten the examination pendency. Different examination centers should strengthen their sense of mission, responsibility and overall development picture and unite their thought to the requirements of the State Council and the decision and arrangement made by the CPC Group of SIPO to ensure that the trademark examination pendency will be shortened to six month before the end of 2018. During the study visit, Liu and the SIPO staff visited Shanghai Trademark Historic and Cultural Corridor, the Business Hall of ShanghaiTrademark Examination Coordination Center, Department of Trademark Substantive Examination, Department of Trademark Formal Examination, Department of MadridInternationalTrademarkRegistration and Department of Quality Supervision and talked with and paid respect to the first-line trademark examiners.

(Source: SIPO Website)