SPP held the press conference to notify the work on IPR judicial protection

The press conference of SPP themed on “respecting IPRs and strengthening judicial protection” (photo from JCRB.COM)

On April 25, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP)held the press conference themed on“respecting IPRs and strengthening judicial protection” to notify the work of procuratorial organs on IPR protection. According to the conference, the procurators filed 3674 criminal cases related to IPR against 6,809 persons and supported interested parties in filing 38 civil and administrative cases related to IPR disputes in 2017. Xiao Wei, Spokesperson of SPP mentioned that the procuratorates nationwide supervised the public security departments to handle 180 criminal case about IPR infringement involving 211 personsin 2017.

For the same year, the written notices were submitted to the public security authorities for the rectification of illegal acts involved in the investigation of 86 IPR-related criminal cases, among which 68 have been rectified. 39 major and typical cases about IPR infringement have been looked into under the supervision of procurators.

(Source: jcrb.com)