The 2018 China Online Copyright Protection Conference held in Beijing

At the 18th World Intellectual Property Day of April 26, the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) held the 2018 China Online Copyright Protection Conference, where the representatives from government agencies, judicial authorities, copyright industry, academic sectors and legal affair sectors and IPR owners focused on the theme of “protecting the creative work and promoting the application” and had an extensive discussion about creation, protection and application of online copyrights.

At the meeting, NCAC and the National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications jointly released “top ten cases of anti-IPR infringement and anti-piracy in 2017”. The Copyright Management Department under NACA, the Copyright Monitoring Center under Copyright Society of China and Migu Culture Technology Co., Ltd. of China Mobile signed the MOU on Online Copyright Protection. China Academy of Information and Communications Technology released the 2017 Report of China on Online Copyright Protection.

At the theme section of the conference, participants mainly discussed new technology reform and online copyright innovation, online copyright protection of short videos and cartoons and the “her power”for the online copyrights in the new era.

(Source: NCAC Website)