SIPO Head Shen Changyu: The IPR undertaking is advanced in an orderly way

Recently, Shen Changyu, Representative of the 19th CPC National Congress and SIPO Head took the interview at and indicated that SIPO has achieved all-around progress and enhancement. In particular, new outcomes have been scored concerning the IPR creation, protection, utilization and management as well as international cooperation and communication.

In terms of IPR protection, the central government made meticulous arrangement and decisions on IPR protection and released the opinions for the improvement of IPR protection system to protect IPRs according to the laws. SIPO has also released several opinions on tightened patent protection based on the arrangements of the central government, including 33 specific measures. Various related work is advancing solidly.

In terms of IPR utilization, Shen said, “On one hand, we are pushing forward the reform on the distribution mechanism of IPR rights and interests; on the other hand, we accelerate the building of IPR operation platform and system and promote the development of IPR-intensive industries.” Now, the value added by patent-intensive industries has accounted for 12.4% of the total GDP. In terms of IPR management, SIPO, based on the unified arrangement of the central authority, strives to promote the reform of IPR comprehensive management system and establish a more efficient IPR management system.

In terms of IPR international cooperation, a sound layout has been formed, which is coordinative on the bilateral, multi-lateral and neighboring level.