MOFCOM boosts “Yunjian Alliance” to combat IPR infringement and counterfeiting

   MOFCOM held the 1st press conference in August (photo from

It is required to strengthen regional coordinationand promote government-business joint action to boost crackdown…, MOFCOM introduced at the press conference on August 3 about China’s efforts to push forward the “Yunjian  (Cloud Sword) Alliance” action to combat IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

Gao Feng, spokesperson of MOFCOM, said that as Internet economy develops rapidly, IPR infringement and counterfeiting spread both online and offline, which tend to be characterized by organized illegal act, precise distribution of production and sale, information-based logistic payment and fragmented regional distribution.

“So, new challenges will be posed to the conventional law-enforcing model of segmented supervision and in-territory handling,” he said. Against this background, the Office of National Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting recently issued Implementation Plan of Yunjian Alliance 2017 to organize 13 provinces in Yangtze River Delta and pan-Pearl River Delta for the launching of special joint campaign against IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

Gaofeng added that the relevant regions and departments would accelerate the establishment of a regional joint conference system and work mechanisms like clue notification, evidence transfer, case assistance and joint case handling, etc. Different regions would increase their work synergy to crack down on the whole chain of production, supply and sales of counterfeit goods.

Also, the relevant departments will improve the cooperation mechanism between regulators and large e-commerce enterprises, utilize the resources of e-commerce big data and to screen, integrate and analyze the information about online transaction, so as to enhance the capabilities of discovery, distinction identification and precise crackdown regarding the act of IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

In addition, the experience about cooperation in the fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting will be promoted nationwide to realize full coverage of regional cooperation on the battle in this regard and prevent those lawbreakers from playing “guerrilla fight” or “hide and seek” with the regulators.

(Source: Xinhua)