EU's allegation of China being fake products center irresponsible: MOC

Sun Jiwen, spokesperson with MOC

The latest report by a European Union agency alleged that China as a major producer of fake goods was irresponsible, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday.

In 2015, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong "were the provenance of 86 percent of global counterfeiting and $396.5 billion worth of counterfeit goods," Europe's police agency and the EU Intelligence Property Office said in a detailed 74-page report.

The authenticity and objectivity of the data used in the report have to be further examined, said Sun Jiwen, spokesperson with MOC.

Infringement and counterfeiting are global challenges due to market and supervision factors and need common efforts and cooperation of the international community, Sun said, adding that China has been enhancing governance on these issues and strengthening supervision on exports and imports.

A national campaign targeting the quality of exports of made-in-China products was launched in 2015. The country's customs authorities have dealt with over 4,600 cases of infringement of export products in the first four months of this year.

China will enhance efforts to address infringements and counterfeiting, especially on export products, and improve cross-border law enforcement cooperation as well as daily supervision of major fairs and commodity distribution centers, Sun added.

Source: Xinhua