MPS released contact means of reporting or whistle blowing for “Kunlun” Action and joint rectification action on food safety

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) released methods of reporting or whistle-blowing for the “Kunlun” Action of provincial authorities on the fight against crimes related to food, drugs and environment as well as for the joint rectification action on food safety. The general public are mobilized to offer tip-off or case clues. The public opinions and supervision are widely obtained and accepted. 

According to MPS officials, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the MPS are leading the joint rectification action on food safety. In order to advance the “Kunlun”Action and ensure the solid progress in the special rectification over food safety, methods of reporting to various provincial public security authorities are publicized. The clue report or whistle-blowing from the general public about relevant criminal and illegal activities are welcomed. 

According to MPS requirements, the provincial public security authorities should also release the methods of reporting of their counterparts at the city- and county- levels within its jurisdiction. The 110 police call at the city- and county-levels should also accept the report or tip-off as well. All the reporting platforms are required to have specific person in charge. The public security authorities are required to verify each clue they get from the general public and launch harsh crackdown according to the laws as long as the clue is identified. Those offering useful or valuable tip-off information will be rewarded. 

(Source: MPS Website)