Hubei achieved initial progress in the “Kunlun”Action for the crackdown on crimes related to food, drugs and environment

Since August, based on the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, the public security authorities of Hubei launched the “Kunlun” Action to crack down on crimes related to food, drugs, environment and intellectual property. So far, 622 relevant cases have been handled across the province, in which 18 were supervised by the General Office of the Hubei Provincial People’s Government. 10 criminal dens were destroyed, 28 criminal gangs were destroyed and 726 suspects were caught. The cases solved and suspects caught are both on a sharp rise.

The major efforts of crackdown made by the Public Security Department of Hubei focused on meat, dairy products, undated product by an unaddressed factory in rural areas and near schools, and sub-standard and counterfeit food. The following behaviors are also targeted, like producing and selling counterfeit vaccine, cosmetic injection, biological products and blood products, infringing upon intellectual property rights, and damaging the ecological environment in Yantze River basins and wildlife resources. Based on the study and judgment by applying big data, the clue of suspicion can be fed in quantities, the key clue can be under timely investigation and the online and offline crackdown mechanism can be formed. As for those gang-based, Internet-based and cross-regional cases, the food, drug and environment cases involving mafia-like gangs and the complex cases of intelligent crimes and new-type crimes, the public security authorities will work with other competent departments to launch a tight crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

(Source: Hubei Daily)