Shanxi handled 2118 cases of IPR infringement in H1, with the fines totaling over 10 million yuan

It was learned from Shanxi Administration for Market Regulation (SXAMR) that in the first half of 2019, it centered on the crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting to continuously increase the efforts on law enforcement and case handling, which scored noticeable results. 92,000 staff times of law enforcement were dispatched across the province. 2118 cases were uncovered, with the case value of 13.3995 million yuan, the confiscation amount of 472,100 yuan and the fines of 10.559 million yuan. 8 cases and 8 persons were transferred to the judicial organs.

According to Han Zebin, Head of Law Enforcement Inspection Section under SXAMR, in the first half of the year, his section focused their work on maintaining the quality and safety of production material and consumer goods by carrying out the special law enforcement in the fields of steel products, cements, electric cable, automobile parts, gasoline and diesel, women’sand, infants’products as well as elderly products. 118 quality-related cases were cracked, with the fines of 1.379 million yuan; 35 cases were about metering-related offences, with the fines of 19,550 yuan; one case was about certification and involved the fine of 30,000 yuan.

Concerning the prominent issue of IPR infringement upon trademarks, patents and geographic indications, the “Iron Fist” Action on IPR law enforcement were organized to enhance the IPR protection in the Internet and rural markets; the self-discipline and fulfillment of major responsibilities by the corporate IP holders in the involvement of IPR protection and large e-commerce platforms are to be highlighted. In the first half of this year, Shanxi solved 93 cases of IPR infringement, valued at 517,500 yuan and involving the fines of 434,000 yuan.

Besides, SXAMR pushed forward the publicity events themed on “Credit makes consumption safe and reliable” to enhance the data analysis and study over the complaints about consumption and promote the safe consumption. By June 30, 47,413 complaints and inquiries were received by the 12315 agencies of various levels across the province, including 28,605 inquiries (60.33% of the total), 15,775 complaints (33.27% of the total) and 3,033 tip-offs (6.04% of the total). Through the complaint cases, 12.8339 million yuan of economic loss was recovered for the consumers and the amount involved in the disputes reached 24.1902 million yuan.