Yiwu of Zhejiang seized about 200 million yuan IPR-infringing goods based on joint government-enterprise work

On May 30 am, it was learned from Yiwu Federation for the Protection of Brand-Name Products in Zhejiang Province, since its founding in 1995, its member enterprises have worked closely with the local authorities of market regulation, public security and the customs. 10,918 IPR infringement cases of various kinds were handled, valued at over 200 million yuan, which had deterrent effect on the illegal acts of counterfeiting and IPR infringement.

As is learned, in order to better protect the IPRs of enterprises, 41 enterprises jointly established Yiwu Federation for the Protection of Brand-Name Products to link the enterprises with government competent departments.

Over the past 24 years, the Federation worked closely with government agencies and grew together with its member enterprises and the markets in Yiwu by integrating the law enforcement resources of government agencies with the clues and identification resources of enterprises and cohering fragmented rights-safeguarding resources.

Such cooperation maintains the market order and ensures a constantly expanding and improving federation.

In 2018, Yiwu Federation for the Protection of Brand-Name Products assisted the local market regulators in cracking 954 IPR infringement cases, with the fine and confiscated money totaling 18.8616 million yuan and transferring 34 of those cases to the public security authorities.

(Source:Zhejiang News APP)