CNIPA innovates the pattern of circular trial in Hangzhou

On May 7 and 8, the National Intellectual Property Administration of China (CNIPA) went on circuit to hold an oral hearing on patent invalidation cases in sync with Zhejiang Market Regulation Administration and Hangzhou Intellectual Property Court.

It is learned that the CNIPA may make a decision on such cases one month after the trial.

The trial covered nine cases about request for patent invalidation. As introduced by the official of patent regulation division under Zhejiang Market Regulation Administration, while facilitating patent protection for Zhejiang enterprises, the circular trial can also help the staff of public and corporate entities as well as the agencies be better informed of the proceedings and trial content about oral trial in the invalidation cases. In particular, the in-court announcement of decision and pattern of on-site trial greatly shorten the time of invalidation case hearing, thus providing time guarantee for the parties involved to take follow-up measures regarding the relevant cases. China (Zhejiang) IP Protection Center utilizes the remote review system for the first time to provide technical support for the issuance of post-court decision. The system offers a powerful platform for Zhejiang to speed up its efforts to build itself into an IP-leading province in terms of large-scale, strict, fast and simultaneous patent protection.

It is learned that China (Zhejiang) IPR Protection Center is an institution of fast and coordinated IPR protection approved by the CNIPA and oriented towards new-generation IT and new energy industries, which has direct and exclusive access to the examination system of CNIPA remotely. Now, the Center has basically completed the construction and is pending for the acceptance inspection by CNIPA.