The consumers’complaints in 2018 indicated eight characteristics

In 2018, the market regulators nationwide received 11.2496 million pieces of complaints (3.7256 million), whistle-blowing (606,900) and inquiries (6.9171 million), up 20.74% over 2017. 3.117 billion yuan of economic loss was recovered for the consumers. Eight features can be seen as follows:

First, the complaints about goods are growing in terms of its share.

Second, online-shopping complaints are increasing in a high speed.

Third, the complaints focus on advertisement, quality, contracts and after-sale service.

Fourth, the complaints about upgraded consumption surge.

Fifth, the mechanism of transferring the complaints to the cases for administrative punishment continues to deepen.

Sixth, the Internet becomes a powerful platform for the protection of consumer rights.

Seventh, the resolution of online disputes is highly efficient.

Eighth, the index of consumer rights protection nationwide keeps at a high level.

(Source: SAMR)