Tianjin Customs seized 660,000 items of IPR-infringing goods across the border over the past year

It was learned from Tianjin Customs on March 13 that, over the past year, 110 cases of IPR infringement in import and export sector were handled and 660,000 items of goods were seized, valued at 9.93 million yuan, which gives a heavy blow to such IPR infringers.

Officials from Tianjin Customs said that currently, 76 local enterprises in Tianjin have filed the applications for IPR protection with the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), involving 311 items of IPRs. Next, Tianjin Customs will follow the work deployment by GACC to continue with the special action for the protection of enterprises leading in IPR export and offer guidance and support to Chinese enterprises based on independent innovation; to continuously innovate law enforcement, improve the joint Internet-based law enforcement mechanism for the crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting, promote the online-offline integrated governance so as to facilitate the sound development of new business models like cross-border e-commerce and help build Tianjin Port into the world-class business environment.

(Source: chinanews.com)