What they say at Two Sessions

Prosecutors should strengthen judicial protection of intellectual property, crack down on IP crimes and make counterfeiters pay a high price. It is very important for prosecutors to give full play to legal supervision over IP protection, so as to boost the business environment and ensure the public feel at ease when buying food and medicines.

Geng Funeng,

president of Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group and a deputy to the National People's Congress In the past, China's manufacturers depended on other countries' technology by importing core components to assemble products. Nowadays, the situation has changed fundamentally. The Chinese manufacturing of today emphasizes more a sense of mission and responsibility, rather than just chasing profit ... I hope that entrepreneurs benefiting from tax favors and cuts can invest more in their companies' technological research and development, and contribute to China-made products' going abroad and the country's shift to a manufacturing powerhouse.

Dong Mingzhu,

chairwoman of Gree Electric Appliances and an NPC deputy Amid the integration of the global knowledge economy, IP has become the core competitiveness of companies' innovative growth. Business disputes over IP are increasingly fierce. With the rise of the knowledge economy, improving and effectively utilizing the IP system are required for companies to rank at the forefront of their industry, which spurs the pressing demand for interdisciplinary IP professionals.

Jiang Shengnan,

vice-chairwoman of the Zhejiang Internet Writers Association and an NPC deputy We have established a reputation as a well-known brand, yet illegal businesses profit from our goodwill by counterfeits. It costs a lot for us to defend our rights around the country, while the price to pay for infringement is rather low. I hope an interprovincial IP protection mechanism can be created in the country. Promoting the establishment of inter-provincial IP judicial organs plays an important role in cracking down on IP infringement.

Cai Jinchai,

executive director of Fujian Panpan Foods and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference The Yangtze River Delta region should establish a coordinated innovation platform in fields including personnel, scientific research facilities and industrial targets to promote the integration of the region. For example, it can create a platform to share the information on technological innovation policies and create an innovative market to attract overseas Chinese to participate in the region's construction so as to lead the development of the country and even the world.

(Source: China Daily)