Henan released the 2019 plan on random inspection over food safety: 230,000 batches to be examined

Recently, Henan Market Regulation Administration held a meeting to deploy the random inspection plan and officially released the 2019 Plan of Henan on Random Inspection over Food Safety (“the plan”). According to the arrangement in the plan, the market regulators of various levels in Henan will carry out random inspection over more than 230,000 batches of food this year, covering 32 food categories.

According to the plan, it is arranged that over 43,000 batches of food will be under random inspection in terms of food safety at the provincial level. The random inspection covers 32 food categories, including processed food, cooking oil, dairy products and meat products. As for the inspection time and frequency, it is required in principle to complete the tasks in a balanced way and to increase properly the number of food samples having much to do with seasons that may involve safety and quality risks; as for the sampling areas and sites, it is required to cover the cities, counties and villages and to enhance the random inspection work in the key areas, including trading markets, areas of frequent food-related problems and campuses of primary and middle schools and surrounding areas.

(Source: the Office of Henan Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringementt and Counterfeiting)