Multiple government departments jointly launch a 100-day action against chaotic situation in the healthcare market

On January 8th, a tele-conference on the 100-day action for the rectification over the chaotic "healthcare" market deployed by multiple departments was held in Beijing. Zhang Mao, Head of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) attended the meeting and delivered remarks. Gan Lin, Deputy Head of SAMR presided over the meeting. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Health Commission,Ministry of Health, National Radio and Television Administration and Cyberspace Administration of China made respective arrangements for the "100-day action" at the meeting.

The action starts from January 8, 2019 and lasts 100 days. 13 departments will strengthen in-process and afterwards supervision in the key acts, key sectors and key areas related to the “healthcare” market nationwide by cracking down on various illegal acts of false publicity, false advertisement, counterfeiting and IPR infringement as well as other acts disturbing the market order and causing the customer fraud.

Zhang stressed that the market regulation and drug supervision administrations of various levels should put in practice the “100-day action” to assess the effect of institutional reform and temper the law enforcement team. Specific measures to be taken include strengthening the case handling and exploring a batch of major typical cases to exert forceful deterrence; consolidating the food and drug market regulation, promoting the governance in the source of food safety and utilizing the methods of on-site investigation, random inspection, monitoring and evaluation to resolve the risks; implementing organization and coordination to fulfill the functions of contacting various parties and collecting information; reinforcing the supervision and inspection, commending those areas achieving solid work progress and notifying those regions of weakness to promote rectification; establishing a long-term supervision mechanism and promoting the sustained and sound development of relevant sectors.

(Source: SAMR)