Shandong rolls out 21 measures to punish the acts of counterfeiting, service default and click farming in e-commerce field

Recently, Shandong Development and Reform Commission and other member units of the joint conference on building social credit system in Shandong jointly developed the Implementation Opinion on Comprehensively Strengthening the Credit Building in E-commerce Field to propose 21 specific measures concerning the phenomenon of counterfeiting, substitution of quality products with substandard ones, service default, click farming, credit speculation and abuse, disclosure and selling of personal information.

According to the Opinion, in the whole process of credit building on e-commerce, in addition to putting in place the real-name registration and certification system and strengthening the online payment management, the credit system for delivery and logistics will also be established, the credit evaluation mechanism for the delivery and logistics enterprises and their employees will be explored and the seriously discredited delivery and logistics enterprises will be restricted to access to the e-commerce platform. Efforts will be made to consolidate the measures to protect consumers' rights and interests, support and encourage the e-commerce platforms in setting up the funds to protect consumers' rights and interests and implement the system of "advance compensation".

In terms of credit-related information system, besides establishing a credit commitment system and improving the credit records, the online and offline credit information sharing mechanism can also be promoted.

In terms of credit supervision, it is required to establish a product traceability system, improve the inter-department collaborative supervision mechanism and build a new credit-centered e-commerce market supervision system using big data technology for real-time tracking, intelligent identification and risk early-warning.

In terms of joint reward and punishment, a "red list" system for trustworthy entities and a "blacklist" system for dishonest entities in the field of e-commerce are set up to encourage and support the e-commerce platforms to give preferential arrangement to the entities in "red list" in traffic allocation, information search ranking, marketing and promotional activities; to impose the punitive measures upon the dishonest entities in "blacklist", including limiting the level of their membership, canceling the trusted authentication service, blocking or closing their online shops, etc.