SAMR & NDRC jointly launch the special action on quality improvement of service sector

In order to implement the spirit of Central Economic Work Meeting and promote the high-quality development of service sector and based on the relevant requirements of CPC Central Committee and the State Council for launching the service quality improvement action, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Development and Reform jointly released the Plan for the Special Action on Improving the Quality of Service Sector (hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”) recently to deploy the two-year special action in this regard to be taken by the different local authorities for market regulation and development reform.

The Plan identifies 12 major tasks, including promoting the capacity building in service innovation, spurring the enterprises to boost the momentum of quality improvement, launching the service quality supervision, strengthening the service quality supervision, consolidating the after-sale service and quality guarantee, reinforcing the credit regulation of service industry, promoting the improvement of service standards, consolidating the service certification, enhancing the capacity of professionals in the service sector, improving the brand building in the service, advancing the creation of service consumption environment and promoting the social governance in terms of service quality. It is expected from the special action that by the end of 2020, the overall competitiveness of domestic service sector continues to be strengthened, the governance and promotion system of service quality continues to improve, the service quality inspection is further consolidated, the service consumption environment, the consumption products and service quality are all effectively enhanced, and the consumers can be more satisfied.

As the Plan requires, the market regulatory department and the development & reform department at local level should strengthen coordination and interaction between the industrial policy and quality improvement methods and specify the action measures. The publicity and guidance work on the special quality improvement action should be well completed to promote the advanced experience and practice of different areas in this regard. The special action for service quality improvement should be integrated into the local inspection work by the local party committee and government to ensure the task implementation. The typical experience should be summarized and promoted and the regulations and rules should be revised to push forward the establishment of a long-term work mechanism for the quality improvement in the service sector.

(Source: SAMR Website)