Ningxia held a regional meeting on quality to promote the initiative of building a quality powerful Ningxia

On November 28, Ningxia Autonomous Region held a meeting on quality across the region to study in-depth General Secretary Xi Jinping’s socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in a new era and the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress and to carry out the decision and arrangement made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on quality-related work by mobilizing the whole region in forming the new development philosophy, implementing the requirements for high-quality development, launching the quality improvement action and advancing the solid construction of a quality powerhouse in the region.

Shi Taifeng, Secretary of CPC Ningxia Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of Ningxia People’s Congress fully affirmed the achievement made in the quality development across the region. He requested that the market regulators across the region should take the opportunity of institutional reform to focus on the main work and main responsibilities and adopt a problem-solving approach by taking serious measures on the building of infrastructure and quality inspection teams, improving the law enforcement for market regulation, accelerating the transformation of quality government pattern and advancing the forming of a quality management system featuring efficient service and in-place regulation.

The party committees and governments of various levels are required to establish the concept of putting quality first, enhancing the supervision and coordination in the quality-related work, mobilizing the social efforts to take part in quality inspection and co-governance, so as to create a lively environment where the Party values quality, enterprises pursue quality, the society upholds quality and everyone pays attention to quality, making new contributions to the effort of building a beautiful and new Ningxia and realizing the great Chinese dream.

The individuals and organizations awarded for quality prize in 2017 were conferred the awards at the meeting. The officials from Ningxia departments for market regulation and agriculture and rural affairs as well as the prize winners gave a speech respectively at the meeting.

Over 240 people attended the meeting, including the officials from government departments, agencies and enterprises of Ningxia as well as the units of central government stationed in Ningxia, the staff from governments of cities and counties, sections, offices and directly affiliated units under the market regulation administration of Ningxia, etc.

(Source: Ningxia IP Administration)