IP Enforcement to Stand Guard at CIIE

On November 5th, the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) was inaugurated in Shanghai, with an IP protection and dispute resolution service center orderly operational and law enforcement officers and service personnel in position. The grand international gathering, highlighting cutting-edge technologies, seeking global economic and trade cooperation and demonstrating China's resolve in tightening IP protection, attracts more than 3,000 businesses from over 130 countries.

From August 1st to November 10th, Shanghai IP Office, backed by a city-wide inter-agency IP coordination regime, leads relevant authorities in executing a hundred-day CIIE-related IP protection campaign in an attempt to enable event attendants obtain a real feel of IP protection in China.

Kong Yuanzhong, Director of Office of Shanghai IP Joint Conference, briefed that CIIE-related IP protection not only integrates resources from the government, judicial and the society, obtains positive support and strong cooperation from state-level authorities, China International Import Expo Bureau, district governments in Shanghai and the media, but also mobilizes IP associations, service providers, mediation and arbitration organizations and volunteers from Shanghai's colleges and universities to contribute in various ways.

"We construct a CIIE IP great protection shield through multiple channels such as judicial adjudication, administrative enforcement of law, arbitration and mediation, reporting and complaints as well as consultation services." said Kong.

Shanghai emphasizes collaboration between government authorities and between government authorities and judicial authorities, intensifies relevant units' IP cooperation in resource sharing, information exchange, transfer of case leads, law enforcement assignment and response to public opinion. In the meantime, it aims to guide the public to pay attention to, understand and practice IP protection through CIIE. "We will try our best to do the CIIE-related IP protection work in an effort to create a sound market, transaction and service environment for foreign exhibitors and purchasers, providing strong support for successful hosting and branding of CIIE." Deputy Director General of Shanghai IP Office, Rui Wenbiao concluded.

(Source: China IP News)