Hainan launches the brand-building action “No Counterfeits in Hainan”

Recently, Hainan released the notice about the Action Plan on Brand Building of “No Counterfeits in Hainan”, to require that such an initiative can be globally recognized, thus laying a solid foundation for the construction of an international tourist consumption center in Hainan.

Also, the self-announcement public commitment system is promoted among the market entities, including no fake production, ten-time price compensation for one fake product, no-excuse return of goods within seven to thirty days after purchasing. The activity of public advocacy and commitment is carried out by a batch of market entities. According to the Plan, Hainan will deter those counterfeiters through this brand building action. Efforts will be concentrated to crack down on a batch of major and serious cases about counterfeiting and IPR infringement and to disclose a batch of illegal and regulation-violating market entities.

In 2019, major progress is expected to be made in the “No Counterfeits in Hainan” brand building action so that both the brand building and credit building can be promoted, the responsibility of market entities can be fulfilled, the system of market regulation can be continuously improved and the market consumption environment can be completely purified.

In 2020, “No Counterfeits in Hainan” will develop into a brand. The environment for international business and consumption will be initially created, with an improved social credit system, stronger IPR protection, more forceful actions for the protection of consumers’ rights and interests and fairer and more trustworthy market transaction, to attain the targets of overcoming the difficult issues and building the “No Counterfeits in Hainan” brand in three years.

From 2021 to 2025, the long-term system for “No Counterfeits in Hainan” will be continuously advanced. The action experience will be summarized, the action achievements will be consolidated, the long-term system will be improved, hence the indicators of fake control can reach the world’s advanced level and “No Counterfeits in Hainan” can exert global influence.

(Source: Haikou Daily)