Henan’s newly recognized hi-tech enterprises obtain 7,920 independent IPRs

Recently, Henan completed the review on the first batch of hi-tech enterprises in 2018. 581 local hi-tech businesses made the list.

According to an official of Hi-tech Section under Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department, the 581 hi-tech enterprises obtain 7,920 independent IPRs, among which 920 are invention patents. Technical staff account for 17.26% of total employees. The R&D investment of these enterprises reached 811 million yuan in recent three years, accounting for 4.15% of the sales revenue; the sales increased at a rate of 37.28% in recent three years, featuring a strong innovation capability and a bright development prospect. such enterprises play a key guiding and model role in promoting the independent innovation of enterprises and the high-quality economic development of Henan.

According to the official, Henan strives to increase the number of newly cultivated hi-tech enterprises to over 700 this year, so as to lay a groundwork for the significant increase of hi-tech enterprises across the province by 2020.

(Source: Science and Technology Daily)