Xinjiang administration for industry and commerce formulated a 3-year plan on online market regulation

In order to improve the work perspective and planning, promote the healthy and orderly development of online market and maintain the order of online market, the Administration of Industry and Commerce of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XAIC), after considering the actual situation, recently formulated the 2018-2020 Planning on Online Market Regulation.

The Planning requires:

First, to center around the major objective of keeping long-term social stability and safety, identify the general requirements of Xinjiang Administration of Industry and Commerce about online market regulation, propose 8 major targets and 43 key work items, improve the system and technical method of online market regulation, spur the vigor of online market entities, maintain the order of online market, facilitate the fair competition of online market and strengthen the rights protection of online consumption.

Second,to fulfill the requirements of network management in a peer-to-peer, legal, coordinative and creditable manner), advance the online and offline integrated regulation and social co-governance, strengthen the in-process and afterwards supervision and enhance the capability and level of online regulation service.

Third, to improve the IT-enabled system for online goods transaction and regulation based on the modern information technology, consolidate the functions of search analysis, surveillance and command, enhance the level of directed surveillance, evidence collection and storage of electronic data for online market and prevent the online market risks in a timely manner.

Fourth, to bring into full play the role of the joint conference system of local online market regulators, push forward the regulation coordination across the regions, across the sectors and various business lines, strengthen the top-bottom departmental coordination and information sharing to create a layout of online market supervision featuring information sharing, complementation, labor division and coordination, smooth communication and joint management.

Fifth, to introduce the regulation measures for the promotion of online market development based on the functions, facilitate the integrated development of traditional transaction model and online transaction, fully utilize the resources and geographical condition of Xinjiang for the development of online economy and promote the fast and healthy development of online economy across Xinjiang.

(Source: Administration of Industry and Commerce of Xinjiang)