Qinghai deployed the 2018 Net Sword Action in five aspects

Recently, the joint conference of Qinghai for the 2018 Net Sword Action was held in Qinghai Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce (QPAIC). The 2018 Implementation Plan of Qinghai on Special Action for Online Market Regulation (Net Sword Action) was jointly released by 11 local government agencies, including QPAIC, Qinghai Development and Reform Commission, Qinghai Tourism Committee, Qinghai Public Security Department, Qinghai Commerce Department, Xining Customs, Qinghai Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision, Qinghai Food and Drug Administration, Cyberspace Administration of Qinghai, Qinghai Communications Administration and Qinghai Provincial Post Administration. The half-year special action for online market regulation is carried out across the province from July to November, 2018.

The work will be deepened in five aspects to advance the 2018 Net Sword Action.

First, to regulate the qualification of online business entities, ensure the traceability of online business activities, strengthen the main responsibility of online transaction platforms, consolidate the oversight on delivery network bodies and clear up the illegal sites.

Second, to look into the acts of online goods counterfeiting, increase fight against counterfeiting and keep tight crackdown on illegal or criminal acts of food and drug counterfeiting.

Third, to rectify the online acts of unfair competition, maintain the market order for fair competition, strengthen the rectification over online credit-losing acts and tighten the oversight on pricing acts of e-commerce platforms.

Fourth, to increase the crackdown on false online publicity or illegal online advertisement and handle strictly the advertisements and information hampering the social or public order and good morals.

Fifth, to regulate the format of online contracts and crack down on other online illegal or regulation-breaking acts.

During the Action, a joint supervision group led by QPAIC will be set up as appropriate to supervise the implementation of the 2018 Net Sword Action by different local areas.

(Source: Qinghai Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce)