SAMR severely combat the IPR infringement and counterfeiting, with a focus on food and drugs

On August 7, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) issued the Analysis of the Market Environment in the First Half of 2018 to summarize the market access environment, strengthened regulatory enforcement over competition, and market regulatory enforcement and to deploy the work and tasks for the second half year. The relevant SAMR officials said that in the future, the punishment on entities for serious violations of the laws and credit losing will be increased and the IPR infringement and counterfeiting will be under severe crackdown, so that the public can feel safe to buy, use and eat.

As the start-up time of enterprises has been drastically reduced, the market access environment has continued to be optimized. New enterprises, new products, new drugs and inventions have entered the market quickly and the new market players have increased rapidly. In the first half of the year, 9.983 million new market entities were set up, of which 3.274 million were newly established enterprises, representing an average increase of 18,100 entities per day. In the first half of the year, the total number of market players exceeded 100 million, reaching a landmark high. Since this year, 15,000 food production licenses have been issued.

According to the competent official of the General Administration for Market Supervision, as of the end of June this year, there had been 41,000 enterprises in serious violation of the laws and loss of credit, 280,000 dishonest persons subject to enforcement had been restricted to take office. The regulation over food and pharmaceutical products had been continuously strengthened, and inspection and monitoring of key foods, key indicators and key sites has had been strengthened, and 96,000 batches of products had been under random inspection, with a failure rate of 2.9 %. Special efforts had been made to rectify food and healthcare food fraud and false publicity, and 26,000 illegal cases have been tracked down.

In the first half of the year, the national market regulation departments handled 18,000 cases of infringement upon consumer rights and interests, with a value of 800 million yuan and fines and confiscations of 140 million yuan. There were 9,973 cases of illegal online transactions, with an increase of 50.5%. A total of 15,000 illegal advertisements were investigated, with an increase of 36.9%. In the first half of the year, 12315 hotline received 1.24 million consumer complaints, of which 1.17 million had been handled, with the settlement rate of 94.4%. The economic loss of 1.24 billion yuan was recovered for consumers, with an increase of 22.7%.

(Source: Beijing Wanbao)