Chongqing IP Office held the meeting for the 10th anniversary of implementation of IPR strategy

Recently, in order to review and summarize the ten-year experience of Chongqing in the implementation of IPR strategy and advance the building of an IPR powerful municipality, Chongqing IP Office organized and held a meeting for the 10thanniversary of implementing the national IPR strategy. Li Leiting, Head of Chongqing IP Office attended the meeting and Li Yufeng, Deputy Head of the office presided over the meeting. Over 20 representatives from IP departments, enterprises, universities and service agencies participated in the meeting.

Li Leiting indicated that over the past decade, Chongqing has significantly improved its integrated capability in IPR and made big headway in its work on IPR creation, utilization, protection environment and service management system, which offered positive guarantee for the advancement of industrial structuring optimization and upgrading, transformation of economic development pattern and the construction of IPR-supported competitive municipality. He said that the development achievements in the past decade of strategy implementation should be fully affirmed while the success experience and existing problems about arising from implementation should also be analyzed to grasp the opportunity and further promote the fulfillment of national IPR strategy in a comprehensive manner.

(Source: Chongqing IP Office)