Yunnan held the first plenary meeting on online market regulation

The first plenary meeting of Yunnan Joint Conference on Online Market Regulation (or “the Joint Conference”)in 2018 was held in the afternoon of July 3 at Yunnan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce. Li Han, Director of the Office of the Joint Conference and Deputy Head of Yunnan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce presided over the meeting. Also, the work on online market regulation in 2017 carried outby the province was notified and the special operation (Net Sword Action)for online market regulation in 2018 was deployed at the meeting.

Also, it was indicated at the meeting that the member units of Joint Conference should foucs on key and hotspot issues of public interest and enhance the efforts on online market regulation to ensure the further improvement in the order of online market.

The Plan of Yunnan on Special Operation on Online Market Regulation (Net Sword Action) in 2018 was discussed and adopted.

(Source: the Office of Yunnan Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)