“Three roles in one” approach promoted in Wuhan for reinforcing the trademark and brand development

In order to deepen the implementation of trademark and brand strategy and give a full play to the role of grassroots, Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce further identifies the responsibilities of special trademark staff and promotes the “three roles-in-one”approach of brand policy propagandists, brand building instructors and brand protection inspectors to fully improve the efficiency and functions of trademark regulation service and boost the building of a brand powerful Wuhan.

First, enhance publicity and dispel doubts to play a role as the brand policy propagandists.

Second, innovate the mechanism and optimize the service to play a role as the brand building instructors.  

Third, offer targeted assistance and support and solve the public concerns and difficulties to play a role as brand protection inspectors.

Now, the system of special trademark staff has been advanced at the industry and commerce authorities of the city. 144 special trademark staff now are active in the forefront of trademark and brand building, which lay a solid foundation for trademark and brand building.

(Source: the Office of Hubei Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)