MARA studied and deployed the work on rural rejuvenation and brand-empowered agricultural development

Han Changfu presided over the regular meeting to study and deploy the work on promoting the rural rejuvenation

On June 8, Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs presided over the regular ministerial meeting to convey the gist of relevant meetings of the central government and study the work arrangement for the rural rejuvenation and brand-empowered agricultural development.

It was stressed at the meeting that the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee deliberated the Strategic Planning of Rural Rejuvenation (2018 -2022)and the Guiding Opinions on Winning in the Three-year Difficult Battle for Poverty Alleviation, which reflects the high importance attached by the CPC central committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and conforms to the expectation of hundreds of millions of rural people for a better life. It is a major and key historic task in building a socialist and modernized country in an all-round manner and can provide a clear direction for the advancement of rural rejuvenation. The agricultural and rural departments of various levels should study earnestly the spirit, further improve the thought and enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency in the implementation of rural rejuvenation strategy, take more forceful and solid actions based on the arrangement and requirement of the CPC central committee to coordinate in promoting the implementation of rural rejuvenation planning and to ensure that every decision and deployment in the planning can be put in place. The agencies and departments involved should deepen the understanding about difficulties and challenges faced in the battle against poverty, put the industrial poverty alleviation in the priority of agenda, make more and targeted efforts to carry out the decisions, increase the income of poor people through industrial development and lay a solid foundation for the rural rejuvenation.

The Opinions of MOA on Accelerating the Promotion of Brand-empowered Agricultural Development was deliberated and approved in principle at the meeting.

(Source: MARA website)