Xinjiang enhances its capabilities of IPR creation, utilization, protection and management

In June 2008, the State Council released the Guideline of National IPR Strategy to provide clear direction for setting IPR strategic goals in different areas nationwide. In April 2010, the Guideline of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on IPR Strategy was promulgated for implementation. Over the eight years of the implementation of the Guideline, Xinjiang has achieved fast improvement in the IPR creation, utilization, protection, management and service, thus providing strong support to the industrial transformation and upgrading, the change of economic development model and the general goal of social stability and long-term peace and order.

It is learned that since the implementation of the Guideline, Xinjiang has gradually improved its system of IPR protection with more efforts. In terms of IPR administrative law enforcement and judicial protection, seven courts including Xinjiang Higher People’s Court and Urumqi Intermediate People’s Court have set up the IPR tribunals. The team of IPR criminal investigation of different levels under the public security system developed IPR criminal protection system. Since 2010, the autonomous region and its prefectures and prefectural-level cities set up the leadership group for fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting. Meanwhile, the “China (Xinjiang) IPR Protection Center” was established and 5 sub-centers and a work station were set up in six prefectures, including Yili and Kashgar. The “12330” hotline for IPR aid and report complaint was open, which helped the general public to improve their legal awareness of IPR respecting and protection.

(Source: Xinjiang Daily)