Multi-department to launch “Net Sword Action” against online IPR infringement and counterfeiting

The action to rectify the online chaos will kick off soon. On June 6, State Administration for Market Regulation released the 2018 Plan of Special Action on Online Market Regulation (Net Sword Action).

The Plan indicated that through the Net Sword Action, the full-process and full-chain targeted supervision over the online market will be carried out with the focus on crackdown on online IPR infringement, click farming, credit speculation, false publicity and false or illegal advertisement, identification of platform responsibilities and normalization of formats and contracts, so as to further curb the illegal acts in the online market, improve the competition order and consumption environment of online market.

According to the Plan, the business qualification of operators within the platform should be reviewed, registered and publicized. The post enterprises and express enterprises should be urged to strengthen examination over qualification of protocol clients. The sales of goods or services bearing false or misleading information of product description, standards and marked price should be forbidden.

(Source:21st Century Business Herald)