Henan launched the “Leiting”Action for the IPR law enforcement and protection

On June 5, 2018, the launching ceremony of “Leiting”Action by the IPR system of Henan was held in the city of Xinxiang. As of the end of this year, Henan will focus on key fields, key links and key regions to continuously carry out the law enforcement and inspection activities, crack down on patent infringement and counterfeiting in a precise and fast manner and increase the punishment.

As introduced, this action will strengthen fight on group infringement and repeated infringement, selectively expose typical cases and increase confidence of innovators and right holders; meanwhile, it is of necessity to improve laws, regulations and polices concerning patent protection, strengthen law enforcement tools, form a joint force in strong IPR protection, build a grand layout of IPR protection and create a new and fair environment in favor of competition.

According to the Action Plan, Henan IPR system will focus on key fields of livelihood, like food and drug, environmental protection and work safety as well as key links of e-commerce, professional markets and exhibitions to carry out the rectification action. The concentrated inspection, rectification and publicity activities will be launched once or twice every month in the key areas of jurisdiction. The IP offices in the cities directly under the provincial government will organize a joint law enforcement action at least once at the city- and county-levels. They can also apply to Henan Provincial IP Office for joint or cross-regional law enforcement actions among the provincial, city- or county-level.

(Source: Henan Daily)